Why am I getting "Please Update!" on the display and I cannot operate my receiver?

Integra USA
2018-06-18 17:35

1- When the unit is turned off disconnect the Ethernet cable (if any) from the back of the receiver.
2- When the unit is turned off, if connected to WiFi, please turn off your wireless router.
3- When the above steps are performed, turn the unit on and immediately press the "Tone" button on the front of the receiver. The word "Bass" should appear.
4- When the word "Bass" appears, immediately perform reset procedure by pressing and holding "CBL/SAT" and then pressing "On/Standby" until the word "Clear" appears in the front screen of the receiver. Release both buttons as soon as the word "Clear" appears.
5- The unit will turn off automatically. power your unit back on.
6- When the unit turns on, the words "Initial Setup" should appear on the screen of the unit. This means the reset was performed properly, please run through the initial set up again.
7- Please perform any firmware updates via USB (directions will be on our website by your receiver model)

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