I plan to buy an Integra product in the United States or Canada and want to bring it to another country, will my Warranty still be valid?

Integra USA
2018-06-08 18:41

No. We manufacture and sell products in most regions and countries throughout the world. Due to differences in electrical cycles and voltage we cannot honor the warranty on any product that has been taken and used outside of the region in which it was designed for and sold. Even though there are voltage step up / step down transformers available to convert the physical plug type and change the voltage accordingly, they do not address the difference in cycles (Hz), and are not designed for high energy products like ours. These are convenience devices meant to be used with a clock radio or small/low power devices. They are not intended for use with units that draw a higher amount of power and voltage such as a 100-200 watt amplifier or AV Receiver. This is not safe and can actually become a fire hazzard so we reccommend buying and using our products ONLY in the country/region of origin

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