I am experiencing an Automatic Continuous Change of Listening Modes and/or Remote Controller Commands are not accepted. What can I do?

Integra USA
2018-06-15 19:45

If your receiver of the above mentioned models experiences the following : Listening modes automatically change one after another. When this problem occurs most commands will not be accepted.
Please contact our Customer Experience Department at 1-800-225-1946, option 3, to confirm that this issue exists in your model  receiver. If the issue exists you will be given further direction on how to have it serviced.
***This issue will be handled for you even if you are out of warranty (this only applies to US and Canada) .*** Applies to the following Models: DTR-40.2, DTR-50.2, DTR-70.2, DTR-80.2, DHC-40.2, DHC-80.2

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